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...and out of the woods...

and home before dark.
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Narrator/Mysterious Man: Charles Ford
Baker: Tommy Melvin
Jack: Austin Tijerina
Wolf/Cinderella's Father: Milo Sather
Cinderella's Prince: Spencer Estes
Rapunzel's Prince: Trey Getz
Steward: Derek Phillips
Baker's Wife: Joanna Roberts
Witch: Caitlin Andrews
Cinderella: Kelly Mokris
Little Red Ridinghood: Kathryn Turk
Granny/Giant/Cinderella's Mother: Brittany Baptiste
Jack's Mother: Elizabeth Ray
Rapunzel: Katie Bryant
Stepmother: Cynnie Paull
Florinda: Katie Patterson
Lucinda: Hannah Drum
Sleeping Beauty: Katie O'Shea

This is the Collins Hill Highschool production of Into The Woods.

NOT The Collins Hill High School Production of the Into The Woods DVD.

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